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DATA PRIVACY PROTECTION To be able to successfully process the orders, we need the ordering party’s first and last name, residence address, e-mail address and telephone number. Based on the above stated information, we will be able to deliver the desired products, as well as to inform the buyers for the current status of the order. On behalf of the company Gorska Dooel Skopje we hereby undertake to protect the privacy of all our buyers. We collect only the necessary general information about the buyers (users) and the information necessary for the operation and informing the users according to the good business practices and for the purpose of providing good quality service. The buyers are given the possibility to choose including the possibility to decide whether they want to be removed from the mailing list. All data of the buyers/users are kept confidential and they are available only to the employees who need them for the performance of their regular working activities. All employees in the company Gorska Dooel Skopje shall observe the privacy protection principles. We hereby undertake that the collected information shall not be used for any other purpose, neither we will forward them to any third party. In addition to the data stated herein above, we are collecting, analyzing and processing the data about the products demanded and bought by our visitors, as well as about the pages they are visiting. We are using such data to improve the offer and the appearance of our page and to allow the users simpler use, safer and more comfortable shopping. uses so called „cookies“ to help the users to adjust the internet use to their needs. Cookie is a textual file awarded to the user’s computer hard disk by the network server. Cookies cannot be used to start a program or to transfer a virus to the user’s computer. They are awarded only to the users and may be read by the network server in the domain that sent it to you. One of the main uses of the so called cookies is to provide you the benefits that will save you time. CONSENT AND CHANGE OF TERMS AND CONDITIONS The use of our services includes user’s consent to the stated use terms and conditions. hereby undertakes to comply with the above stated, and all the amendments in the terms and conditions shall become effective even upon the publishing on this page and sending a notice by e-mail to all the registered users.

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