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Policies and conditions regarding product description and price
The prices of all products are expressed in denars, VAT included. Koding-Gorska Dooel reserves the right to change prices in accordance with company policies, without notifying customers.

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2. Materials forwarded by the user (comments and other contents). The personal data that you forward to the site for the purpose of buying products will be treated in compliance with our document for privacy protection on the internet. It is not allowed to send or transfer to and from this location, any illegal, threatening, insulting, libelous, pornographic or other materials contrary to any law. Koding-Gorska Dooel Skopje does not want to receive from you at this location confidential or other information it cannot have at its disposal. All the materials, information and other notifications you are transferring or sending to this location will not be considered confidential and ones the free disposal of which is not allowed. Koding-Gorska Dooel Skopje has no obligations with regard to these notifications. Our employees may copy, disclose, distribute, apply or otherwise use such notifications and all data, pictures, sounds, text and all materials contained in them, for any commercial and non-commercial purposes. Certainly, this group does not include your personal data. Pursuant to our privacy protection policy, we shall use them only for internal needs. We shall not disclose or forward them to third parties, but we shall use them solely for

3. Links to other web locations. The links on this location to the locations of independent producers have been posted solely for the purpose of facilitating your work. If you use those links you will leave this location. has not reviewed all these locations on independent contractors and does not control them, therefore it is not responsible for any of these locations or their content. Therefore, we do not support and do not make any statements about them, about any other information, software or other products or materials in such locations, or about any results that may be obtained with their use. If you decide to access any of the web locations of the independent contractors linked to this location, you are doing that at your own risk.

1. Products selection To be able to buy on our webpage you must be a registered user. The process of registration is very simple and you only need to type your personal data. On the beginning of each page there is a descending menu with categories of products. By selecting some of the categories a page will open containing categories of products. If you are not sure which category the product you are interested in belongs to, you can use the search field on the top of every page. In this field you can type the product’s code, the brand name, the purpose etc. during the review of products available for sale, on the right side you will notice the field “BUY”. When you click that field you will receive a notification that the product is placed in your cart. You can add the same product to your cart several times.

2. Cart content At all times you will be able to review all products you wish to buy. By simply clicking on the cart icon, in the upper right part of the webpage, you are opening a page which shows all the items selected for shopping. You can easily remove an item from the cart or to add more items.

3.Ordering items from the cart When you are ready to make the shopping you need to follow the three steps and to select the delivery address, method of delivery and payment method. If you have changed your mind regarding the shopping and you want to make some changes, you can simply go back to your cart by clicking the field “CONTINUE SHOPPING"

4. Selecting payment method The order can be paid for when taking over the items or with the payment cards VISA, Maestro and MasterCard which support internet payment. Please check with the bank whether your card supports internet payments.

5. Closing the order By clicking the field I CONFIRM THE ORDER, you will get a notification for successfully placed order. Very soon after that, you will be sent a confirmation for the ordered items to the e-mail address you have specified during the registration. For any further questions you can write us to or call 075426184 or 076474277. SHIPPMENT Upon confirming the order the delivery period is 3 business days. The courier delivers the parcel to the delivery address in the period from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.. Please have someone present at the specified address to receive the parcel. When taking over the parcel you need to visually examine the package for any possible visible damages. If you notice that the shipping carton is significantly damaged and you are suspecting that there is something wrong with the item, refuse to accept the parcel and inform us immediately. If the parcel has no visible damages, you can accept the parcel and sign the delivery note presented by the courier. If the courier doesn’t find you at the specified address, the usual practice is to call you on the phone number you have provided when creating the order to arrange a new delivery date. If you are once again not found at the specified address, the parcel will be returned to us. Upon its receipt, we will contact you to determine the reason for the failure to deliver the parcel and we will agree on re-delivery. COMPLAINTS When taking over the shipment, please check your parcel in the presence of the courier. If it contains visible damages (torn or deformed parts) you shouldn’t accept the parcel. In this case please contact us on the telephone number 075426184 or 076474277 or send us an e-mail with your data (first and last name and telephone number) to and specify the reasons due to which you rejected to receive the parcel. We will inform you of any further actions as soon as possible. If you have received the parcel, and after the opening you discovered that the delivered goods does not correspond with the order or the bill information are incorrect, please contact us on the telephone number 075426184 or 076474277 or send us an e-mail with your data (first and last name and telephone number) to describing the problem you have within 24 hours at the latest. We will inform you of any further actions as soon as possible. If certain deficiencies in terms of the provisions of the Consumers Protection Act appear in the product, please act in the manner defined with the Regulations on consumers’ complains for goods purchased on the internet store, which, together with the filled-in list of complaints should be sent to the address PRIVACY PROTECTION On behalf of Koding-Gorska Dooel Skopje we hereby undertake to protect the privacy of all our buyers. We collect only the necessary general information about the buyers (users) and the information necessary for the operation and informing the users according to the good business practices and for the purpose of providing good quality service. The buyers are given the possibility to choose including the possibility to decide whether they want to be removed from the mailing list used for marketing campaigns. All data of the buyers/users are kept confidential and they are available only to the employees who need them for the performance of their regular working activities. All employees in the company Koding-Gorska Dooel Skopje (and business partners) shall observe the privacy protection principles. When typing the information of the payment card, the confidential information are transferred through the public network in a protected (encrypted) form by using SSL protocols and PKI system, as well as the most advanced cryptographic technologies. Data security during the purchase is guaranteed with the payment cards processor, Halkbank Skopje, so the entire payment process takes place on the bank’s pages. The information about the payment card are at no time available on our system. REFUND In case of return of goods or full or partial refund to a buyer who has previously paid with any of the credit cards, regardless of the reason for the return, Koding-Gorska Dooel Skopje is obliged carry out the refund exclusively through VISA , EC / MC and Maestro, which means that the bank at the request of the seller will refund the funds to the card user’s account.

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